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Our ingredients are largely organic or sourced locally. But we prefer to be honest about the environmental impact of sugar, butter and cream. Unfortunately it is quite large. That is why we choose our ingredients very consciously.


A lot of sugar is grown in the Netherlands, but it is not organic. If we really want to use organic sugar, we have to import it.


We think that is wrong. That is why we choose non-organic sugar from the neighborhood instead of organic sugar from far away.

Organic dairy is better for the cows, the meadows and the environment. Also for your health by the way. But let's not pretend you're eating caramel sauce for the health benefits.


We work with organic butter from the Weerribben area. These farmers have been certified organic since the 1980s and are always looking to see if they can improve.


The cream we use for Suboro comes from Enschede, from a farmer who has been working organically for more than 30 years.


Conscious choice philosophy

Suboro is made from really tasty ingredients (that you would also cook with yourself). We think this is important because if you fancy something sweet, you should also consciously choose something that is really tasty.

That is Suboro's conscious choice philosophy. If you do it, do it right. We select the ingredients we work with in the same way.


We would like to hear from you! Here are several ways you can contact us:

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Glucose syrup

Glucose syrup is liquid grape sugar. We use it because it makes the structure of our sauces tastier. We use very little of it in proportion, because the taste is less pleasant than that of sugar. Our glucose syrup also comes from the Netherlands.


The chocolate for Suboro Chocola is fair trade chocolate from a Belgian chocolatier. It is a mix of cocoa beans composed of: Ivory Coast, Ghana and Ecuador.


We are proud of our vanilla. We work with organic vanilla beans from Madagascar. You will definitely see the vanilla seeds in Suboro Vanilla.

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