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We think you probably already have some ideas about what to do with Suboro, but we'd still like to share some of our inspiration.

Add happiness to your favorite by drizzling Suboro generously. Squeeze a line of Suboro onto your ice cream, into yogurt or onto your pancakes.

Drizzle Happiness:

Give your daily coffee moment a twist. Stir a spoonful of Suboro Vanilla into your coffee for a velvety, aromatic experience. Or add a dash of Suboro Chocolate for a (slightly decadent) mocha surprise.

Coffee Tour:

A delicious natural yoghurt or cottage cheese, some fruit, a little muesli and a touch of Suboro Chocolate.

Day Start:

Go wild in the kitchen! Make the tastiest homemade panna cotta with Suboro Vanilla. Experiment with Sea Salt Caramel as a seasoning in savory dishes or as a topping for your popcorn.

Culinary Creations:

Give the gift of Suboro, the gift that creates tasteful moments of happiness. You really can't go wrong here.

Gift of Taste:

variations of caramel sauce

Immerse yourself in the world of Suboro and discover endless possibilities. Let fun be the guide and enjoy the sweet moments that come with Suboro.


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