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The first real caramel sauce in the Netherlands, made from the finest ingredients.

At Suboro everything started with a simple desire:  to bring the real taste of caramel to the Netherlands. We noticed that, unlike our Scandinavian neighbors who inspired us, there were no real, authentic options available. We believe that's a shame. Because with a country known for its beautiful pastures and dairy, it would certainly deserve it.


We dedicate ourselves to the traditional method of caramel making. Our starting point is classic caramel; the combination of sugar, butter and cream is hard to beat in our opinion. Hence our name.


Suboro Caramel Sauce
Suboro Caramel Sauce
Suboro Caramel Sauce
ingredients Suboro Caramel Sauce

The most beautiful ingredients: conscious choices that lead to pleasure.

At Suboro we use the finest ingredients for our sauces. We are proud of our ingredient choices, where taste and minimal environmental impact come first.

We believe that taste comes from high-quality, pure, but often simple ingredients. No flavor enhancers or other additives are required for this.

We produce locally and work exclusively with organic dairy, from farmers who have been working organically for over 30 years. For them, this is not a trend, but a conscious choice that promotes nature and guarantees the well-being of their cows.

At the same time, we opt for non-organic sugar, simply because it has to come from abroad. Because it concerns relatively large volumes and we have beautiful sugar beet fields in the Netherlands, we prefer to keep it local.

We offer convenience without compromising on quality and will never compromise on our ingredients. That's a promise.



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